Our Services

All grooming prices are based on a base price. Frequency of grooming, maintenance of dog/cat between grooming, variations in size of like breeds, density of coat in like breeds and co-operation of dog/cat could have a bearing on total cost.

For Pets' Sake's award winning high quality service has been recognized by Washington DC metro area magazines. Click here for more information about our awards and recognition we've received over the years.


  • » Full Groom
  • Quality grooming to breed standard (or your personal preference), nails, ears, pads, and anal glands
  • » Bath
  • Brush, bath, nails, pads, ears and light trim around feet to neaten
  • » Hydro-surge
  • Bathing system for a deep cleaning, stimulating bath
  • » Hand stripping
  • » Sanitary only
  • » Sanitary with tummy shave


  • » Comb Outs, no bath, nails, ears
  • » Comb outs, with bath, fluff dry, nails, ears
  • » Lion clips with or without bath, ears, nails
  • » Shave down with or without bath, ears, nails
  • » Sanitary only
  • » Sanitary with tummy shave

    Specialty Services- Dogs & Cats

  • » Express Services
  • Start-to-finish grooming, Usually takes 1-1.5 hours, Additional fee of $50
  • » Special Attention for Special Needs
  • Sick, ailing, separation anxiety and trouble makers... you wait with your pet throughout the whole grooming process
  • » Nails
  • Trimmed on a walk-in basis, for dogs/cats, no appointment needed
  • » Anal Glands
  • Expressed on a walk-in basis, no appointment needed



  • » Nail Filing
  • » Potty Runs
  • Quick potty run. $2 each. One can sign up for as many as they choose for pet to stretch their legs and relieve themselves.
  • » Plaq Clnz
  • Fresh breath, healthy mouth dental treatment
  • » FURminator
  • de-Shedding process where a special shampoo is applied with hydro-surge bathing to deeply penetrate skin and coat. Then a conditioner is applied and massaged into coat by hand for 10-15 minutes, rinsed thoroughly, dryed by high velocity dryers and lightly finished with a special rake to a beautiful shine.
  • » Flea Shampoo
  • » Medicated Shampoo (for flaky skin)
  • » Oatmeal Shampoo (for dry, itchy skin)
  • » Vet Supplied shampoo
  • Treatement for a specific condition, applied properly (10-15 minute soak) rinse thoroughly