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Jackie Barchesky began her journey in the pet grooming industry ​in 1976, working as a groomer’s assistant at The Pet Set on ​Quaker Lane. She started by bathing and drying dogs, gaining ​valuable experience in the process. In 1982, The Pet Set relocated ​to Annandale, but unfortunately, its customers did not follow. ​Recognizing the opportunity, Jackie returned to Quaker Lane and ​reopened the shop under a new name, "For Pets’ Sake."

The response was overwhelming. The phone began ringing off ​the hook with calls from previous clients and new customers ​alike. To meet the high demand, Jackie hired Alan Thompson, a ​dedicated groomer who remains with the company to this day.

Thanks to its loyal customer base, For Pets’ Sake is now serving ​the third generation of many original clients' pets. Over the years, ​we have watched their children grow up and bring their own ​pets to us as well. Our team currently consists of 10 employees, ​with three of our most seasoned groomers having a collective ​total of 100 years serving our community through For Pets’ Sake.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have believed in us, ​supported us, and entrusted their pets to our care.